Posh Glass Hand Painted Glass Made in Norwich Norfolk, Wineglasses, Tealights, Lamps, Pictures, Vases etc.

​Posh-Glass & Occasion Bottles
                   " A Gift to Remember"

Midnight Poppy Wineglass
Recycled wine bottle lights
kissing couple lamp
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Hand Painted Wineglasses, Recycled Wine Bottle Lights Tealights, Candle Holders, Coasters, Vases, Lamps made in Norfolk.

Lots of designs, old favorites plus new designs being added.

Designs can be personilized 
​for "A Gift to Remember"
Sahara Elephant Collection

New Items added soon for
Valentines Feb 14th
Mothers Day 26th March

Recyled Wine Bottle Lights
Midnight Poppy Collection

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